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Austin Certified Total Health Dental Practice

Why We Chose to Become
Certified Total Health Dental Practice?

Our dental office in the heart of Westlake Hills has completed an in-depth curriculum called Total Health Academy. What does it mean to be a certified practice in Total Health Dentistry, you ask? It means we can help our patients play a critical role in their oral and their overall systemic health.

It wasn’t too long ago that dentists thought the mouth was its own private space and that not much of what went on in there was linked to the rest of the body– and vice versa. Signs of the most prevalent systemic diseases we encounter today, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, acid reflux, fungal infections, and food sensitivities show up in abundance inside the mouth. This makes it impossible to ignore the many connections between the mouth and the body.

Certified Total Health Dental Practice

As well, oral diseases (such as periodontal disease, caries, oral pharyngeal cancer, and bite and jaw problems) often aggravate and can wreak havoc with the rest of your systemic health.  Our goal is to become a health resource to direct you to excellent practitioners who agree with our philosophy… We want to help you maintain and improve your health, not just treat problems and disease as they arise.

Our new knowledge in total health dentistry means we can play a critical role in ensuring you live a happier, healthier life. We know you’ll experience a wonderful difference with Best Austin Dentist Dr. Bell and his Westlake Hills dental practice. From ages 12 to 105 years old, we will work together to prevent, predict, and preempt disease. And we’ll help you achieve your healthiest self at every age with a great smile to boot!


Giving back to the community with donated dental services

Dr. Bell has been donating his dental services to the Austin community for many years now. He does this through various charities and events, this case was referred to us by the Texas Dental Association. This week in fact Dr. Bell will be in Georgetown volunteering his time to serve many patients at no cost to them! Not only does Dr. Bell donate dental services, recently we donated our time to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, providing for those in need. Dr. Bell is also a member of the Sustainable Food Center of Austin, who provide healthy choices for the community.

donated dental patient

Pre operative digital photo of donated dental patient

Ewing before dental treatment

Dr. Bell is a firm believer in giving back to the community which is why he accepts cases as often as possible. Ewing came to us in January of this year with extensive dental needs. A majority of Ewing’s teeth were missing, he was having trouble eating, the remaining teeth were in poor condition.

Improved health and comfort

After several months of treatment, Ewing now has a brilliant smile! His overall health has improved and he can eat whatever he pleases without any discomfort. We just love seeing the transformation in patients, that is why we do what we do. We are always looking for more Donated Dental Cases to take on. All the patients that come through donated dental have disability and can’t work and are on a fixed income. We will share more cases with you in the future and we hope this warms your heart as much as it does ours.

donated dental pt

Post operative photo

Ewing today

Ewing was a great patient, we really enjoyed working with him and we’re happy to share his story with you!

Watch the video at bottom

Watch the short video at bottom of Ewing at his checkup appointment to see how things were going!