Back-to-School Whitening Special Now through the End of September

This month, communities across Austin, West Lake Hills and the country are preparing for a new school year. Dr. Michael Bell, your General and Cosmetic dentist in 78746, wants to remind you that you can start off with a beautiful, confident smile with a quick back-to-school teeth whitening treatment!

Back to school Whitening

We’re excited to announce a new Back-to-School, End of Summer Whitening Sale for dramatically brighter smiles! Now through the end of September, we are taking $100 off our in-office whitening and $50 off the take-home whitening.

The take-home whitening consists of professionally made whitening trays made from accurate dental impressions, with 16% or 22% Venus White Max Gel. In-office whitening is done in about an hour and a half with a direct application of Venus White Max (a 36% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel). When in-office whitening is chosen, a set of custom whitening trays are also made and given with touch-up gel for at home use. We usually recommend touching up about every 3 to 4 months depending on habits like smoking, heavy tea and coffee consumption.

Press the Refresh Button on Your Smile

Tooth discoloration and staining is a natural side-effect of aging — or, as we like to think of it, of a life well-lived. Repeated exposure to highly-pigmented items like coffee, red wine, and dark chocolate causes the teeth to gradually darken over time. Tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, and certain medications also play a role in dental discoloration. Chronic mouth breathing can darken teeth as well.  If you have started to notice your teeth looking a little dingier than you’d like, it’s time for a professional teeth whitening. After the application, teeth are dramatically whiter — and you are flashing your most confident smile yet.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

With so many whitening options available at the pharmacy, what’s the point in investing in professional teeth whitening? It’s a valid question — but we want to remind you that nothing is as strong as the professional-grade whitening solution found with the Venus White Max Whitening offered by Dr. Bell. Over-the-counter options just don’t whiten as well. What’s more, Dr. Bell can take special factors, like tooth sensitivity, into consideration. And since when was a smile one-size-fits-all? White strips and other generic teeth whitening kits can put your gum tissue at risk for exposure to the bleaching gel. For the best, safest, most effective results, professional teeth whitening at the dental office is the way to go.

Maintaining Your Whitening Results

Immediately after you have completed your professional teeth whitening treatment, your teeth will be more susceptible to the items that caused them to discolor in the first place. To avoid diminishing your whitening results, do not use tobacco and stay away from dark foods and beverages for the first two days. These include coffee, dark soda, ripe berries, red wine, rare steak, and other items. A good rule of thumb is that if it can stain your shirt, it can stain your teeth. Protect your smile by sticking to white or light-colored foods right at first. Baked chicken and potatoes, anyone?

Schedule Back-to-School Whitening Today!

Get ready to look your best this fall with a quick back-to-school teeth whitening with Dr. Bell and his team! Contact us to schedule an appointment today before this limited time special ends. We can’t wait to show you just how fantastic your smile can look.


Is your toothpaste lying? Get a toothpaste recommendation

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toothpaste recommendation

Your toothpaste might be lying to you

Long ago, marketers for brown sugar learned a neat little bit of information that allowed them to sell a lot of brown sugar: Most people tended to believe that brown sugar was healthier than white sugar. But of course, it’s not. This misconception likely stemmed from the fact that certain products in their raw or natural or unbleached form were better than their more processed alternatives.

Toothpaste marketers are tricky too

Standard tap water has the same amount of fluoride, ounce for ounce, as “fluoride toothpaste.” But toothpaste marketers have conditioned us to think that if we don’t use a brand that promotes fluoride, we are missing out.

toothpaste recommendation

You knew it was gonna happen some day.

Yep, bacon-flavored toothpaste

Choosing toothpaste used to be easy because there were only a handful of brands. You either picked Crest or Colgate, or perhaps you used baking soda. Today you know how confusing it can be to walk down the toothpaste aisle. You have to consider features such as special whiteners, tarter control, breath fresheners, fluoride, antibacterial, and more. And yes, there is bacon-flavored toothpaste.

How do you choose?

Everyone has different needs. Some people have sensitive teeth and gums, for example. And some have a unique body chemistry that might make them more prone to tarter or breath issues. To get a great toothpaste recommendation, we recommend that you contact us. We can evaluate your unique needs and give you a toothpaste recommendation that’s a perfect fit.

Find the right toothpaste

What toothpaste is a good fit for you?

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