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Are you unhappy with your smile?

One of our most important and appreciated services is the time we take to examine and determine the causes for a smile that is not as pleasing as you would like. By obtaining the proper data — facial height, lip position, gum height, as well as the tooth position, size, and color — we can come up with a proper diagnosis and an appropriate, personalized treatment.

A meticulous effort with great results

In some complex cases, obtaining the desired results requires a combination of treatments with other specialists, such as a periodontist (gum specialist) or orthodontist. An oral surgeon might even be necessary. Dr. Bell’s is committed to offering a complete diagnosis that gives patients information on all the alternatives and variables related to their treatment. Being so meticulous does take more time and effort from all those involved, but this initial effort tends to prevent many problems after treatment is completed.

See your future smile

If the patient chooses to proceed with a smile enhancement program, we send a plaster model of the patient’s current dental pattern to a laboratory for a diagnostic wax-up, along with a detailed description of the desired results. When the lab delivers the new plaster model, the patient can examine the “before” and “after” models to visualize what smile enhancement can accomplish.

Try out your new smile, and make adjustments

The wax-up model is used to make the temporary white composite restorations, allowing our patients to actually try out their new smile before the final restorations are placed. This gives our clients a chance to show the proposed result to others, eat, talk, smile and make sure they are pleased with their treatment before the final restorations are completed. If a patient wants to tweak the smile, it is easy to modify the temporary composite restorations. After final modifications, a quick impression is taken, and the model is made and sent to the laboratory as a detailed “blueprint” of the final restorations.

Our team and Dr. Bell are always amazed to see the positive impact that this sort of procedure has on the lives of our patients.

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